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Our Formula

Permethrin is a broad spectrum, non-systemic, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that targets adults and larvae of many species of biting, chewing, scaling, soil, and flying invertebrates. Permethrin is registered by the EPA as an insecticide for use in a variety of settings. When used to pre-treat clothing, it is an insect repellent.

Permethrin has been registered since 1979. It was first registered in 1990 for use as a repellent on clothing by the military. At about the same time, we also approved permethrin as a spray for use on clothing and gear by consumers, as well as for commercial factory treatment of clothing and various types of gear. In 2003, we first registered consumer-oriented, permethrin factory-treated clothing products. More products have been approved since then.

Source: EPA


Permethrin-Treated Shirts Tested

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